Innocent Voices by Julie Bonn BlankFour women on dangerous precipices, about to step off into an abyss of no return…

Cienna, working hard on her healing from trafficking and called to help others, enjoys a decent job, amazing daughter and loving husband. But how can a dangerous stalker know so much about her and her friend Jazz? And will the consistent pursual of them ever stop?

Elenore struggles to heal emotionally from an accident years before that killed her boyfriend and uses substances to get through. When she becomes pregnant and her current boyfriend beats her, she flees to a man who has just been biding his time…waiting to make her life a living nightmare of which she sees no way to escape.

Jem becomes the homeless guardian of her little sister when they leave an abusive home. Is her new friend Jet a foe or a frenemy? And as Jem reveals her secrets to the Community, will these come back to push them over the final edge?

Guardian angels await to help all…if only they are called on in time.

For readers who enjoy: Psychological Horror, Suspenseful Novels, Realistic Fiction, Thriller, Crime Fiction, Family Drama Novels, Suspense Horror, Kidnapping Novels, Scary, Coming of Age, Psychological Thriller, Women Sleuth, Human Trafficking, Domestic Abuse Healing, Angel Stories, Guardian Angels



Your stories continue to grab me. Can’t wait to see what happens in each of these situations and how you bring them all together. Louise M. Gouge, Publishers Weekly Bestselling Author

I knew the main books would be good after reading both “Penny” and “Rose” but I never realized HOW good. They are amazing! I needed to go to bed at midnight and instead, read until 4am. Very hard to put down. -Amber G.

Hope is so important. I was concerned when first picking these books that they would leave me with a horrible taste in my mouth. But instead they educated and inspired me, and always end with those guardian angels, hope and abuse healing. I feel now that there is hope for me after the trauma in my life. I, like Cienna, can heal and not JUST heal, but thrive and bring healing to others. I’m excited to set out on my new healing journey. -C.M.

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Ebook and Paperback book release 11/26/22.